F3 CMS is a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) built by F3 Designs, that delivers control for websites big and small. Since its’ formation in 2009, F3 CMS has powered many websites for those that require efficient and responsive website management. In its beginnings, F3 CMS was offered as a license-based service and in January 2014 it evolved to a subscription-based service.

Content Management System

F3 CMS extends the value and power of our clients' web investments with essential and custom content management tools to easily manage growth, stay relevant and stay in control.


A Browser-Based Application

The F3 Content Management System is a browser-based application designed to allow our clients to make real-time changes to their site architecture and content whenever they wish.


Create pages, add and edit content, and build your website with easy-to-use tools. Getting started is easy. With basic computer skills, you can manage content on your website with our what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. For the basic user, the editor offers simple controls over text, images and files. For the more advanced, full HTML access allows you to edit the generated code.


Built for your use

We have been building F3 CMS since 2009 with F3 Designs’ customers in mind. The core functionality has endured over the years, and we continue to add features and functions to improve upon the system. F3 CMS is simple to use and powerful enough to meet unique requirements.


Easy to use

F3 CMS requires very little training. Within no time you'll be making changes to your website at the click of a mouse with no knowledge of web coding required. Our F3 CMS subscription service includes a rich list of essential managers allowing you to make real-time changes to your site architecture and content.


Scalable with solid and efficient code

For those that require even more control, we offer additional custom managers. Give your web presence a boost with product managers, online directories, event calendars and more. Your F3 CMS website can grow in functionality and performance to complement the unique needs of your business.


Full support when you need it

F3 CMS was built by F3 Designs and in addition to providing the setup and maintenance, each account is also fully supported by owner Faye Fossay. To ensure the success of F3 CMS, every subscription account comes with personalized training, software upgrades and unlimited support.



F3 CMS is ideal for those who require control of their website, for which frequent and timely updates are required. I invite you to take a tour of our most recent clients who utilize F3 CMS. By visiting their website, you will see how our solution empowers them with control of their online presence.


Want to learn more about F3 CMS? I greatly appreciate all inquiries, and look forward to hearing from you. Give me a call or drop me a text at (204) 795-9199. Connect with me on my social profiles or send me an email using the form below.